a discussion on ixion saga dt

before episode 11:

<nguyen_thang-XD> r u excited for DT
<nguyen_thang-XD> tonight
<BUST_EM> not really excited
<BUST_EM> more hopeful
<nguyen_thang-XD> but
<nguyen_thang-XD> actual story arc
<nguyen_thang-XD> about the ball guy
<nguyen_thang-XD> and the dt
<nguyen_thang-XD> there gonna epic rematch
<nguyen_thang-XD> man this show fucken went nowhere
<nguyen_thang-XD> like heres waht i remember
<nguyen_thang-XD> dt falls out of sky
<nguyen_thang-XD> kicks that dude in teh dick
<nguyen_thang-XD> like 3 eps of ball jokes
<nguyen_thang-XD> marian backstory
<nguyen_thang-XD> dt is a glowing god
<nguyen_thang-XD> uhhhh oh yea the empress girl or w/e had her period
<nguyen_thang-XD> and ate alot
<nguyen_thang-XD> then there was that ep where dt was mega homesick and goin nuts
<nguyen_thang-XD> and here we are
<nguyen_thang-XD> oh and hotsprings ep
<nguyen_thang-XD> did i miss nething
<nguyen_thang-XD> u should make a blogpost w/ this log as the dt review

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