onegai twins – yeah, i marathoned this with meatflaps, i hate my life

magic knight rayearth season 1 – it was ok

magic knight rayearth season 2 – clamp maximum dropped deleted destroyed

ixion saga dt – still going

project k – ff13

chuunibyou demo ga koi shitai – it was ok until it tried to get SERIOUS then it got SERIOUSLY SHITTY

cardfight vanguard asia circuit – zzz is it link joker time yet

cardfight vanguard link joker ep 105 – oh yes it’s link joker time

minamike tadaima – new studio, more bird mouth, less fanservice

kaleidostar s1 – shoujo gymnastics

kaleidostar s2 – *makes barking noises*

little busters – so i guess the worst story arc is concluded? good, it was boring

seitokai no ichizon lv.2 – cool maybe, did they change chizuru’s va

maoyuu maou yuusha – all that PLOT and also economics hooray

kotoura-san – cat 180

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