who wants to watch anime

ok so heres the deal


we watch anime nightly every night (unless there’s some kind of thing that would prevent that)

typical start times are 8pm to 830pm Pacific Time

we watch 3 eps a night! sometimes 2, or sometimes 3 of a series + 1 of something else that is airing weekly


the method

we use our media players of choice individually but we’ll all gather in one irc channel (which is nominally #dungeonfighter on the usual place, a channel for ppl who are chill as fuck)

after everybody’s loaded and queued up meatflapz will say “ready” then “go” and when he says go everybody hits play

we let the animes run from start to finish, including op, ed, and episode previews – if you don’t do that you’re a fuckin anime wimp.

if someone need to pause make a lot of noise in chat and hit pause, like if someone need to take an emergency poop

then we’ll resync time and then start back up

are you ready for anime

we go basically every night unless there’s something pressing and it’s always at the same time – so if you miss a night (please dont miss nights) then its on you to catch up! this is a pretty aggressive anime schedule but we’ve been doin this for several months and its been working out ok

i believe in you, the anime


2 Responses to “who wants to watch anime”

  1. meatflapz Says:

    i mean NOT beecock. lmoa

  2. fax Says:

    pls no…

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