a heartful anime review by ur boi meatflaps: mahoraba ~heartful days~

ok 1st of all this anme is heartful as f*ck.

ppl nowadays in our society hide there hearts and emotions and loo kat each other w/ stone faces all day, afraid 2 show any sort of humanity. well at the narutakisou, thats not how these ppl live there lifes. if ur wondering wot a narutakisou is its the name of the apartment complx where all the charas in the show live and do heartful shit every day. the place looks like some thing from the meiji era all traditional archetecture andeverything. the best part is that its in the middle of fucken downtown tokyo so theres like skyscrapers n shit everywhere. really dope. oh did i mention the landlord is a high schol girl? oh i didnt.

well the palce is run by a high school girl. the tenants r a little bit varied but not much bc most of them r in school or college. theres a deadbeat lady who im not going2 name but shes completely worthless and dreams of fucken mizuyokan all day long while slacking at her job and stealing every1 elses fgood and is generally a piece of shit. she has a daughter but shes nothing like her mom at all bc shes actually the 1 that keeps that shti in check and i thinkthats admirable bc not only does she go to school every day but she does work and picks up her moms slack (they work 2gether). shes basically the best. oh and shes in middle school. i swear 2 god if more ppl were like her this world wouldnt be the scrubhell that it is. props2 that shit. theres another dude whos prolly like 40 years old and he hangs out w/ the young ppl all day when hes not fishing in a pond that doenst have any fish in it (this guy is `tarded) and i guess thats kind of creepy but like i said this show is heartful as fu*ck so theres none of that. outside of that the rest of the cast is just school age ppl and theres like a drunk ass college chick or w/e she drinks all fucken day w. the creepy old guy. they prolly fucked

that bring’s us to the main chara. hes 18 and just came to tokyo to go to art school. art school is 4 fags right? wrong dude. like i said this show is heart full as f**k so of course he wants to write and illustr8 childrens books. so he just shows up at the narutakisou to drop his shit and go to class and thats where teh story and magic of mahoravba h~eartful day’s begin’s. as u watch, ur treated 2 a window into the lives of a colourful cast of charactors as they live there every day lifes. the show is episodic in nature generally but a sort of general story does start 2 develop slowly as u learn more about the characters as well as get to know the characters that r part of there lifes from outside the narutakisou.

ok now lets talk about other shit. like productionwise n every thing. i know ur already getting ur hands on this show and r eager to get heartful but u need to chill down 4 a sec.

this show is from 2005. no fucken blu rays for u bitch. get wrecked

animation was produced by jcstaff which is known then and nowadays for making tons of generic crap. well this show got 2 seasons (26 episodes). how many jcstaff shows u know that have 2 seasons besides that dumb shana show? thats what i thought. theres alot of them

bc this show is so chara-central its important 2 have good voice acting right?? well dont worry all the voice actors r A-listers and r really good (obv) and u can feel how heartfully the actors r portraying theyre charas (alot).

the show is directed by a guy who directed and worked on some stuff from late 90s/early 200’0s most notably he was episode director for a handfull of episodes of tenchi universe? oh he directed popotan also which is really dope

ok lets talk about the soundtrack. its fucken heartful as f*ck. its importance to the overall production is, imho, vital. ur treated to a variety of upbeat tunes with heartful melodies that really help 2 create the genreal heartful atmosphere. whoever wrote the sound track is clearly good at there job and i as a person/mammal apprec. it. ive heard far 2 many showswith dull and boring bgm and it really detracts from the overall experience. in heartful days, it really brings the heartfulness alive and into ur ear holes.

if u like slice of live thats not full of obscene amounts of fan service or constant awkward character interaction between the main boi and gurl chara ( ifucken hate that so much), then u will love mahoraba~heart full days~. when u watch u feel like ur hanging out w/ the cast havin fun all the day at the narutakisou laughin and goofing all in the place. the entire production from the visuals to the sound track 2 the voice acting is all superb and really brings u to a whole other heartful world. even the intro bumpers and episode previews reverber8 w/ the same level of heartful felt all through out the show. the only part i personaly did not find as heartful as the rest is that late in the series theres a couple story lines that seem out of place bc of theyre “serious ness” but overall do not detract from the over all heartfullness and worth. this show is heartful as fa*k and should not be missed or w/e.

i rate mahoraba heart~ful days 29 out of 33 with room to grow

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