new season shows

  • aku no hana – holy shit rotoscoping
  • valvrave – shitty 1st half of 1st ep, hilarious 2nd half
  • digital devil survivor 2 – we dropped it thanks to the bot voting 3/2 in favor of dropping
  • gargantia – butt tapping and sassy AI
  • karneval – uhhh well
  • muromi – slapstick goofy times
  • akiba s2 – hey it’s back, coulda fooled me
  • shingeki no kyojin – actually looks like they bothered to shade it so cool, i hope it doesn’t suck really bad
  • arata kangatari – lmao yuu watase cross dressing in like 4 minutes flat, at least it’s better than zettai kareshi manga so far

tonight is…hataraku maou sama, aka not maou yuusha, maybe it’s gonna be good

also sorry to hear you’re watching anime that is pretty gross so far happychane

4 Responses to “new season shows”

  1. happychan Says:

    did u even watch the attack on titans yte theres no way there messin it up until the anime orig ending.

    also werent we gonna watch the shitty mermaid show together wth..

  2. meatflapz Says:

    u cant expect us 2 remember ppl who show up 2 anime club maybe 1nce or 2wice a year

  3. happychan Says:

    thats fcuked up man

  4. happychan Says:

    cant believe u said that

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