just somethnig that really sucks major balls

takako shimura is ending horo musuko (a manga about trans kids) and aoi hana (yuri) quite suddenly in july

like there was no notice or nething and now its just like well time to pack it up in 1 chapter. both series were the longest running in there respective magazines so this is really ufcken gay. i mena i wont deny the quality of horo musuko has bene pretty bad but now its just going to be abruptly ended with so much missing but i mean if u cant develop your mangas characters in 10 years u prolly cant do it ever so the fact that its ending is jujst there to solidify the above. relaly sux and im pretty upset but i guess its a good reminder that sometimes in life stories (metaphor) end even though it looked like there was so much ahead

i will now pour out some of my pocari sweat out of respect to 2 fallen manga and 1 fallen mangaka. rip

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  1. happychan Says:

    shiut the fuck up

  2. meatflapz Says:

    who the frick shit in ur cheerios m8. jeebus

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