the new anime.

so here’s the list for right now

Watamote – fuckin OWNS

Gifuu – a show for dads with lots of cleavage and square jaws and reminiscing while drinking and smoking like a pair of dads

Free! – anime is saved!

Brothers Conflict – is this geared for dudes or ladies or ladies who like dudes who kiss other dudes

Milky Holmes specials and then S3 – ooh yea

Servant x Service – fax’s life the anime brought to you by Working! crew, which i havent seen

Kingdom S2 – rest in peace, hype announcer man, will the studio please decide on an actual art style already holy bajeezus

Stella C3-bu – airsoft moe

Uchoten Kazoku – pretty sick, everybody has gigantic ears

Dangan Ronpa animation – the bear is really annoying I hope they actually do something in ep2

We’re also watching on the back burner…

Kemonozume – with special guests JOR DEN and happychan, we will finally watch this thing

Solty Rei – moe jason bourne, 2006

Galaxy Angel – with happychans

Mahou Sentai Magiranger – oh yessss (with carl ftw)

There’s also all the shit from last season that we finished too

anime is cool guys


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