well that was the straw that broke the cammels back.

THats real Mature of yiou to edit another persons post and put in stupid bullcrap like what you did but i guess thatas about what ive come to expect from this “Anime Club” isnt it i mean i remember when i first joined and every1 was all bright eyed and amped about watching anime w. theyre bros and havin a real good time and not having 2 worry about shjitty drama or bad anime cliques and we all watched it together and it was bgreat but then i guess a certain some1 just always wanted 2 go ahead and persevere w.o. his bros even being here and the real funny thing is everyjy time this happened and i was around id be like no fuck off we cant just be a ditchjers like every time he wanted to ditch like fax or jardo i was there sayin that and then i guess when im the 1 whos not around never mind that no1 even told me it was anime that night (every1 too busy playin stupid fantasy 14 opr w.e. instead of watching anime for literally the past week b4 that how am i su[pposed 2 know all of a sudden its anime time again lmao kjust kill yourselfs) but i guess no1 wants tos tand up 2 the Anime Bully but w.e. i see how it is now. i am just fucking gay. just a gay fag. well im niot gonna sit her eand be pushed arnd by him anymore or tolerate being in the same anime club w. him if the rest of you are too scared 2 even stand up 4 yiouresleves or anyone else you consider 2 be your “bro” in the anime club fuck that neway i already found a new dope anime club where no1 ditches ne1 else and theres no drama and no1 thinks theyre hilarious when they go and edit some1 elses post or just blatantly shame them hope you guys enjoy dealing w. eachother you fucking deserve it

peacve. im out*drops mic*


2 Responses to “well that was the straw that broke the cammels back.”

  1. meatflapz Says:

    wowzers hey i didnt know u were serious like if u need somebody were here for u dude like 4 real i was just goofin around

  2. meatflapz Says:

    ps im just sitting here wawtching ur vines thinking dam how could i hurt someone so much w/o even realizing. my b dog

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