cool tuesday was not cool at all.

<~gay_foot_boy-XD> im gona from now on just as soon as i hit play never look at irc
<~gay_foot_boy-XD> then at the end after i dont say nething for 25 mins
<~gay_foot_boy-XD> ill go
<~gay_foot_boy-XD> hey how was my sakura impression
<~gay_foot_boy-XD> piss dude wont respond cuz hell have last second ditched
<~gay_foot_boy-XD> and fax will be helpign his mom so he wont b able to chime in either
<~gay_foot_boy-XD> richard wont b able to say nething cuz hell be stuck on the freeway lmao
<~gay_foot_boy-XD> and i will just be sittign here in my own shit with no 1

4 Responses to “cool tuesday was not cool at all.”

  1. cool2sday Says:


  2. cool craig Says:

    i have no opinion

  3. happychan Says:

    tatari tuesday

  4. cool craig Says:

    can we just do tari tari 2sday instead

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