fax’s anime list for spring 2015

basically whatever meat is watching i’m probably going to also watch and some extras wherever i can cram it in

new stuff i’m interested in personally:

  • arslan senki
  • dungone ni deai o motomeru no wa machigatteiru darou ka
  • lol they’re making a new nanoha? no thanks
  • ore monogatari (ftw)
  • shokugeki no soma
  • show by rock
  • sidonia s2 (very looking forward to this and the questionable cg)

stuff that may be incredibly shitty for obvious reasons but maybe i’ll watch

  • punchline
  • triage x

stuff that isn’t a full tv series

  • sarusuberi (salsbury?)
  • mushishi: suzu no shizuku (yesss)
  • dragon ball z movie 15
  • hozuki OVA (very yes)

stuff to laugh about

  • angel beats specials
  • ninja slayer from animation (studio trigger makin some questionable shit again)
  • gargantia OVA (lol, it’s a 2-parter, how much of it is bad? hint: all of it)
  • shigatsu OVA (more lol)

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    cool, cool

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