the aria review

OK so

Aria is a show that spanned 3 series and an OVA which was wildly successful in Japan and was praised for how fuckin chilled out it was

Some people thought it was too chilled out, other people thought it was ok

Most people said that the music was overall pretty good b/c Choro Club owns

So how was it???

Well actually I was of the opinion it was pretty good compared to a lot of shit that was out there, the production team went all out in terms of actually trying to replicate the feel of the manga, but the primary issue that was there was that the show didn’t really feel “alive” until the 3rd series. You can summarize it like so:

1st series (the animation): pretty cool, some cat ass

2nd series (the natural): moe blob, lot of cat ass

3rd (the origination): resolving open threads, minimal cat ass

there’s probably a correlation between amount of catass and quality of this series but let me explain further by series

Aria – the Animation

SO OKAY you see this pink haired gal who is going to Mars which is now covered in water (so it’s called Aqua now) and Venice has been mostly transplanted here and called Neo-Venezia, since Earth is super technological and there’s no more usable oceans on the Earth or something. Earth is called Man-Home (not that really an important detail).

So pink haired girl is the main character of the series (not a heroine, really) and her name is Akari, and the series is basically about her learning how to be a female gondolier (Undine) w/ one of the dopest teachers workin the biz, Alicia. Along the way Akari meets Aika (a shit character) and Alice (pretty cool, kinda spergy) and they end up practicing together as they go through their apprenticeship training.

The first season is mostly concerned with establishing Akari and the rest of the cast as characters. The music is all acoustic and vocals provided by Choro Club, Senoo, and Eri Kawai. It is meant to be mostly relaxed but there are a couple pieces that are intentionally keyed to a certain scene.

Not a bad series but I feel like ep 12 was the ending as opposed to ep 13, but a big part of the thing w/ Aria is to emphasize the cyclical nature of seasons and how it changes the world, so whatever

Aria – the Natural

So this is 26 eps of moe blob that is supposedly designed to flesh out the characters and the world more. Aika is a shithead and every episode that she’s in is somehow made worse by her being in it since she is also a drama queen like this shit was on NBC daytime TV. There’s a bit of this weird mystical aspect where cats travel through time/space or something? Basically you can skip it because Aika fucking sucks, but if you really want to see it, watch it slowly so you don’t get worn out from constant moeblob + aika shithead. Also they send off a gondola and it takes like three episodes. What the fuck it’s a damn boat and you got a new one Akari seriously i dont even

Aria – the Origination

By far the best out of the three series, this wraps everything up and shows the characters progressing in their careers from apprentices to proper Undines by the end of the series. Several surprises in this particular series were quite welcome and though the first half has probably the worst Aika episodes yet they make up for it by having the remaining eps downplay Aika significantly after they realize how much of a shit character she is. They also get rid of the whole weird cat ass magic subplot thing too.

Aria – Arietta OVA

Okay so this came after series 2 but we ended up watching it after series 3. It feels like a sendoff of Aria and its pretty clear they weren’t expecting to get a 3rd series for the show, so it basically feels like everybody’s saying goodbye and moving on. However watching it after series 3 it feels more appropriate and generally comes out the better for it even though it doesn’t chronologically make sense.


I think probably if you consider the breadth of time that all three series were released in (like 4 or 6 years? it was a long time) the actual series did quite well for itself. Considering the lack of serious conflict in total this is really meant to be something you watch at the end of a long hard week of real life stress and escape to the world of Aqua where everybody rides around on boats and has the time to chill out and eat panini and shit like that. Watching it the whole way through in one go will wear you out and make you way too relaxed.

In general the show is probably not for everybody because of the way it’s paced – everything is extremely deliberate and happens slowly rather than feeling rushed, and it also celebrates improvement through failure or trial/error in addition to enjoying the small pleasures of life.

There’s also copious amounts of cat ass. Hopefully that isn’t your thing. if it is, please kill yourself thanks i’m outta here


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