the invader comes fro mthe bottom of the sea!!! ika musume review [mlg][360noscope][w33d]

ika musume pwnws alot. 


humans r literaly the filth of the earth and they do horrible shit like pollute everything they touch. in this case they pollute the sea which is v. unaccpetable and som1 has got 2 pay teh piper. all humans must pay.

so ika musume (lit. squid girl) arrives from the ocean 2 invade (lit. shinryaku) humanity and just so happens that the 1st place she decided to take over was a quaint little beach restaurant.she meats a colourful cast of characters who work/hangout at the beach all the time and evne tho shes suposeed to be a invader she just ends up hanging out and even working for the restaurant and shit. this doesnt teach sea pollueters a ver. good lesson does it?? what a shit invader

the show is a adapt8ion of the manga series which is essentialy a series of short episodes of ika musume learning aobut the life of land dwellers anmd thers lots of comedy and touchingmoments and fun stuff that happens. its rly good. i dont think theres 1 bad/annoying chara in the entire show. its literaly impossible not 2 love every1

my favourite part is there r occasionally little “mini ika’ episodes where its a small (lit. chibi) ver of ika musume living a life of seemingly some kind of small criter like a mouse or hamster something like that and the ytell u a story entirely w/o words its just mini ika adventures no bull shit. there really good

production stuff (gay stuff)

directed by tsutomu mizushita who basically did a lot of work on really really shit animes like ichigo 100% and xxxholic and prolly most notibly did a lot of work on crayon shin-chan but ill give him a pass bc he did direct kujibiki unbalance tv (not the ova) and thats cool but not that cool actually

animtion produced by diomedea who is known 4 making some real fucken garbage like kodomo no jikan (i heard tt watches that) but also some really good shit like bokurano and fairy musketeer akazukin!!!!!

bgm composed by tomoki kikuya is prety good stuff and fits the overall mood of the show but the tracks used during the mini ika episodes stood out as especially good. he is prob most notibly known for doing music 4 hidamari sketch


if u like a chilled laid back show w/ a good cast of charas wacky hijinx and good clena all ages comedy (tho slightly aimed toward the kind of crowd that would be up at 1am during the week watching anime) u will enjoy ika musume alot nowa nd in the years to come.

theres not much else 2 say except that u should definitely watch it u cant possib. go wrong. ur boi meat flaps give ika musume a solid 100% #geso



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