hey craig

did you know? this seasons really good. theres lots of fun entertaining shows and i like a lot of them. cake gurui is really entertaining and borderline vile but its great! the yokai show isnt veryg ood but jordan likes it and then theres the isekai food show which is p mellow and fun. theres a show w. a really moe boy (moest since danmachi at least!) and then theres a funny show abt a dumb girl and her dumb friends. koi2so isnt as good as kuzu but i like it a lot! and the tsure dure kids are just great. the konbini boys is really cool too! i didnt think id be wild abt the ballroom show but its really growing on me and all the fucked up proportions are really entertaining !!! but made in abyss and 18if??? wow those are the shows that make the season for me. abyss is just so wonderful @ telling its story in a really compelling and interesting way and who fuckin knows what sick or not so sick shit gonzos gonna bring to the table in next weeks episode of 18? the vatican boys make my fujo heart go nuts and fate is really bad! were all doing really good. but at the back of my mind i have to wonder, what if i had said something different that day? are you doing okay? has your summer been fulfilling? are you smiling?

im smiling on the outside....

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